Dell Computers
VPop3 Email Server
TK8 Software
OnSpeed Web Acceleration

Dell Computers:

We have recommended Dell desktops and servers with confidence to clients for several years, our faith in the product reliability as been well rewarded. 

You can click on the logo on the left design and purchase your own systems or we are happy to quote, supply, install and configure a tailored solution.

And Yes we do use Dell systems in house.


The VPop3 Email Server from Paul Smith Computer Services is a fully featured scalable POP3 server, designed primarily for SME's but suitable for all user bases, from home network though corporate users. 

We have used this product in-house for many years and now have a small but growing client base. We can if required install on your server which can be running any of Microsoft operating systems from Windows 95 and NT4.

VPop3 now has an integrated subscription based Spam filter which we have found to function well. Both 'black' and 'white' lists are supported, with outbound addresses being added to the latter automatically.

TK8 Software: 

Well it has happened to us all at its simplest, a quick click and our hard work disappears, at worst a disk crashes.

Well now there is a cost effective answer, TK8 Backup, schedule backups of important folders or individual files and automatically backup to a local or remote drive CD, DVD or even FTP.

If you like us find that remembering all those passwords we seem to need these day, online banking and Ebay, Email and Web access, worry no more TK8 Safe is at hand to securely store and can if required even enters the data for you.  

TK8 are based in Estonia and offer exceptional English language support on this and their other products.

TK8Safe Datasheet (pdf) TK8Backup Datasheet (pdf)

Remote Administrator (Radmin) is a secure remote control software that enables you to work on a remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. This program is the ideal remote access solution. You can access the same computer from multiple places and use advanced file transfer, remote shutdown, Telnet, OS-integrated NT security system support, etc. Radmin outperforms all other remote controls in speed, reliability and security.


Radmin Data Sheet (PDF)

OnSpeed: Again a product we use, in our case to speed up internet and email access while on customers sites where we are unable to connect other than by mobile phone.

If you don't have broadband access, then this product may help you improve your browsing speed.